Change your thoughts and achieve your goals

The average person has between 60,000 and 80,000 thoughts each and every day. 95% of these thoughts are the same as yesterday's thoughts. And 80% of those repeated thoughts are negative. 

That's a lot of thoughts! And you better believe they are going to have an impact on what we say + do + believe + achieve. 

Try paying attention to some of your thoughts. How often are you telling yourself:

  • "I'm not disciplined enough to say no"
  • "I don't have enough self control"
  • "I'm not as smart, pretty, funny (fill in the blank)"
  • "My thighs are too big"
  • "I'm too lazy"

I'm sure you have your own negative thoughts you could add to this list. The issue is, if you continue to tell yourself these things, you're going to believe them, and your actions are going to reflect that.

Try shifting those thoughts to affirmations:

  • "I have the ability to say yes or no when I feel it best suits me"
  • "I am strong and confident and can take on any challenges"
  • "I am intelligent, beautiful, hilarious (fill in the blank)"
  • "I am grateful for my strong thighs that allow me to walk where ever and whenever I want"
  • "I am full of energy, vitality and life. I can't wait to take on what this day holds"

It's amazing the difference it makes when we alter those negative thoughts so that they empower us as we move forward towards our goals instead of sabotaging our attempts? The energy in our body shifts, you'll probably notice your posture changes, and you create a mindset of confidence that will move you forwards towards your goals. 

"What you have in mind is how you create your reality" ­ Danielle Laporte

It is so dang simple, but not always easy. You have to be intentional about your thoughts. Creating a consistent habit of repeating these thoughts is so important. The hardest part is remembering to do it. I've got a couple exercises to help you as you create your new mindset!

Let's recreate our reality!

Step 1:

Take out a blank piece of paper and start writing down all of the negative 'I am' statements you've been telling yourself. What are you repeating to yourself on a daily basis? Who are you saying you are? Don't judge these thoughts, just let them come out and write them down.

Take at least 10 minutes to write all of your statements down.

Step 2:

Now take a minute to read over all of these statements. 
How do you feel as you read through them? Reflect on the emotions that come up, then tear that piece of paper up. Rip it to shreds. It's time to start fresh!

Step 3:

Take out a new blank piece of paper and write your new 'I am' statements. Write down a couple powerful statements that speak the truth and affirm your desires.

Make a habit to repeat these new statements continually throughout the day. Post them somewhere you will see everyday: on your bathroom mirror, in your car, on your computer. Take some time to meditate on them. And let them move you into your new reality!

These thoughts will eventually become your beliefs...and let me tell you life is so much better when you believe in yourself!