Why moderation doesn't work

Let me ask you a question...when was the last time you binged on broccoli? 

I'm going to guess never.

There's a reason we don't binge on broccoli or carrots or beets but we can put down a bag of potato chips or a pint of ice cream like no one's business.

These junk food items can be incredibly addictive. We've learned that foods high in fats and sugars can stimulate responses in the brain similar to alcohol or drugs. 

But the word addiction carries a lot of weight and stigma. If you have eaten an entire pack of Oreo cookies all by yourself that does not mean you are addicted. There is a lot more that goes into it.

But this addictive quality is a big reason why trying to go from 80 grams of sugar each day to cutting back to moderation just doesn't work.

When you are consuming a high amount of sugar, there is a reward pathway that is stimulated. When you consume even just a small amount, the neurotransmitters are triggered, causing a pleasure response in the brain.

This dose dependent cycle is triggered with any sugar intake and results in a desire for more.

A simple 'cutting back' strategy will continue to trigger the cravings. This attempt leaves it up to willpower, and let me tell you right now, willpower is no match on a continual basis. 

Cutting the added sugars out completely will allow your brain to reset and your body to re-calibrate.

There will be a withdrawal period, with headaches and fatigue (another reason sugar is being considered addictive), but after that you will be able to let your body rediscover its natural and healthy responses to foods. 

The goal is to get you back to a place to be able to enjoy one cookie without the need for more, without having to put your bets on willpower to win out. 

If you want some support in rebalancing your sugar intake and response, check out my SugarFREE21 Challenge. You can watch the video to learn more about the effects of sugar and the program.

Cheers to your next sugar free broccoli binge!