5 Strategies for effective goals

We're coming up on that on that time of year again...you make your goals with so much hope and enthusiasm: this is going to be your year to finally lose the weight, or gain the energy, or kick the cravings.

This is going to be the year that you achieve your goals. But every year in the past you've gone through the same process with the same hope and enthusiasm, only to have everything fizzle out. And by February you're back to the same old routine and habits. The goals have been given up on and seem once again like another hopeless pipe dream.

So how do we do things differently? How can we change things up so you will see results this year; so that you will achieve your goals with the same hope and confidence that you started with.

It all begins with the goals you create. Here are 5 steps to creating strong and effective goals:

1. Create S.m.a.r.t. goals

This is a common acronym to help you get clear on what your goals are. It stands for: Specific + Measurable + Achievable + Realistic + Time Related.

Each of these steps will shape your goal so that you are clear on what it is you want to achieve, how you're going to achieve it and when you are going to achieve it. And it keeps you accountable in creating goals that are possible to achieve.

2. define the feelings you want to achieve

To take the S.M.A.R.T. Goal formula a step further and dive deeper into what you want to achieve, discover the feelings that you desire. Connecting with the feelings will give you the authentic drive and inspiration that you will need when you hit roadblocks. 

As life coach Danielle Laporte puts it: 

"To go after your intentions in ways that reflect your core desired feelings - soul affirming, not soul sucking. The goal getting itself has to feel the way you most want to feel. The journey is indeed the destination."

It is not just that you want to lose weight for the sake of losing weight; do you want to feel confident in your body? Feel beautiful and sexy? Do you want to feel energized, strong, capable, nourished, thriving, empowered, grounded, worthy?

Discover and connect with those feelings.

3. address your weaknesses/triggers

What is it that triggers you to go down the same old path? What triggers you to reach for the cookie or finish off the bag of chips? And what weakness areas tend to trip you up?

Do you have difficulty when you're eating out at a restaurant? Or when you're around specific people; or at a group event? Is it certain foods that you just can't say no to? 

Once you recognize your triggers and weaknesses you can prepare yourself ahead of time to respond in a healthy manner. You can put a support system in place or plan alternatives that will distract you or avoid the trigger/weakness altogether until you are strong enough to face it again.

4. Create a plan

Once you have your goals clearly laid, you need to create a plan to achieve them. Your plan of action. What steps do you need to take, what guidelines do you need to set, what limitations do you need to create? What do you need to get, or get rid of?

And most importantly, when are you going to do it? Schedule it. Do you need to workout to reach your goals? Put it on the calendar. Do you need to make healthy meals? Block out time for it.

5. visualize your goal

What will it look like when you've reached your goal? Will you fit into your old jeans? What will that look like? Will you be stronger? Maybe its a 6 pack that you visualize. Will you have more energy? Picture yourself running around with your kids, or finishing that half marathon.

Create a picture of your life when your goal is achieve and spend some time visualizing it. You can cut out some pictures that embody this vision and pin them up to remind you. 

This is a powerful too that will encourage you to continue to move forward with your goals. And it gives you an image to move towards. The more you visualize it, the more achievable you will believe it to be. 

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