Why breaking the rules is the best thing you can do

Do you ever feel overwhelmed with all of the nutrition rules? Since when did we need so much help with eating? When did it become such a confusing topic, something that's supposed to be so basic and instinctual. 

We constantly have new information coming at us. Last week kale was the superfood of the week, this week they're telling us to watch out! It can be harmful! 

Can I drink milk? Nope cause dairy is bad, so I'll drink soy milk instead. Oh wait soy milk causes cancer. So I'll go with almond milk, but what about the carigeenan? But I need my calcium, so I should probably go back to dairy. 

Is fat good or bad? Most of it's good, but not the saturated stuff? Or is that fine too? Cause I thought all fat was bad, but now it's good? And meat, it's a good source of protein, but what about all the hormones and antibiotics? So, only organic-grass-fed-free-range-spa-treated meat. Got it. Oh, that goes for eggs too?

And speaking of fat,  make sure to eat fish for all those essential Omega's. Except don't eat the ones that have mercury, if that's possible.

It's all so confusing. I get stressed out every time I eat something. Either I obsess over every little healthy detail, or I say to hell with it all and go with the double bacon cheese burger with extra hormones and antibiotics.

Let's take a deep breath here. And let it all out. 

If you struggle with all of these diet rules, it's time to take a break. Take a day off and let go of it all. 

Because once upon a time we didn't have to read endless amounts of diet books to know what to eat. We listened to our bodies and our ancestors for direction.

Take a day to forget everything. Forget the rules and formulas, the latest nutrition fad diet or superfood. Forget what you're supposed to eat and how you're supposed to eat it and why and when and where.

I'm not saying go crazy and overindulge in everything; like the pastor's kid who becomes a punk rock rebel with tons of tattoos and piercings when she turns 18. 

Instead, quiet all of the noise in your head and listen to your body. Eat what you want to eat and see how your body responds.

If you think your body is calling for ice cream, go for it. Pay attention to when your body says enough, and see how you feel. 

And if it says it wants a big plate of leafy greens, have at it. 

Your body will tell you what it wants, and how much. If you let go of all of the rules your body will be able to have a voice. And when it comes to what you need, I'd say it's the real expert here.

Try these tips as you start:

break the rules.jpg

Start with a day and see how it feels.

And think how much more you'll be able to enjoy the food without all those rules! Or am I the only one who likes to rebel here?

I would love to hear how your experiments go. Share with me your experience: good/bad? stressful/refreshing? challenging/freeing? There's no right or wrong here!